Why Essence OilsTM?

At Essence OilsTM, it’s truly all about the oil. We have sought out the very best raw materials the world has to offer to create a collection of premium essential oils. These include citrus, herbs, grasses, woods, flowers, leaves and resins. In our search for the best, we started with a set of “must have” standards that we believe help define the best essential oil.

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Terroir is a term most associate with wine. It refers to all of the elements of the environment in which the plant or vine is grown. Terroir is also key for essential oils. The climate, the soil and the topography that the plant, grass or tree is grown in all contribute to the ultimate quality of an essential oil. When oils are sourced from plants that have built up natural properties to protect themselves in their native environment, those benefits are captured in the essential oil.

When plants are mass-produced for their oils in places where they wouldn’t naturally thrive and grow on their own, the difference is dramatic. Explore our individual oils and discover the extent to which we have searched the globe for oils that are natively occurring and responsibly sourced. We are confident you will notice the difference.

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Essence OilsTM only sources pure organic oils that are organic certified by the USDA. Many oils require hundreds of pounds of raw material to produce only a few precious ounces of oil. When essential oils are extracted from a plant, the resulting oil is highly concentrated which is why essential oils are so effective. If toxins or synthetic chemicals are introduced in the process then the impact is compounded. To us, your confidence in our premium oils comes first. We will never compromise on organic, especially in an unregulated industry that is unfortunately notorious for diluting and adulterating products. Neither should you.

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We don’t produce or sell “secret” proprietary blends with mixtures of a little of this and a little of that. While some would say it’s about convenience, the reality is that you end up not knowing what you’re actually using. What are the ratios of oils in the blend? How much of the blend is just fillers? What is the true potency? Instead, we only offer single-ingredient, pure essential oils for you to create your own potent blends and recipes. This promise of purity means that you can have confidence in knowing you are using only the best.

You may explore our collections which have been created by both type and use to help you get the most of your essential oils.

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While quality and purity come first with our essential oils, we also believe we have a responsibility to preserve and protect Earth’s natural resources. As examples, Frankincense in Somalia and Sandalwood in India are threatened with extinction due to over harvesting. As such, we have carefully chosen to source naturally occurring Frankincense from the Punjab and native Australian Sandalwood for our essential oils.

Not only do these examples meet our requirements for terroir and organic production, but they also allow you to know that you are using the best products available that are always responsibly sourced.

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It has been said that “you get what you pay for.” Our mission is simple: Provide the highest quality, unadulterated, pure, organic essential oils available in the world. We recognize that this means our prices are not the cheapest, but the best oils are not inexpensive to produce. There are lots of brands to choose from today. We seek to produce premium essential oils for people who passionately value the same things we do.

Our packaging is simple and minimal. We sell directly to our customers, not through layers of pyramid marketing. Essence OilsTM is about making the best essential oils available to those who truly care about the oil and nothing else.

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Essential oils and responsiveness to them is a very personal thing. We believe that as you experiment with essential oils, you will make discoveries that are unique to your needs and preferences. Go ahead. Explore. Test. Experiment. No matter how you use essential oils, enjoy them often to enhance all aspects of your life and well-being.

We’d love to hear what you think, how you’re using your oils, and what’s working for you. Please contact us at contact@essenceoils.com or follow us on Instagram and Facebook.