Calm Collection


Essence Oils™ Calm Collection is a truly supportive threesome of Orange, Vetiver, and Bergamot. Each of these complex essential oils will be a welcome complement to any busy person’s stressful day. The bright, familiar sweetness of Orange is uplifting; the luxurious complexity of Bergamot is inspiring; and the rich base notes of Vetiver are peacefully grounding. Whether used individually or as the prominent oil in a blend of other favorites, these oils bring a sense of calm to situations with stress or anxiety. Explore creating personalized recipes by combining oils from the Calm Collection with other soothing oils, such as a more feminine lavender or a more masculine sandalwood. You’ll know what helps you feel calm, and this collection will serve as your baseline.
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Calm Collection
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  • Diffuse as single scents or combine with any of your favorite essential oils
  • Combine with your favorite scent-free carrier oil for massage or application
  • Incorporate with homemade personal care products
  • Add to bathwater or steam shower
  • Dilute in water as a relaxing air spray

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